Cross-Pattern Nails (Simple Criss Cross) Tutorial

How To Tutorial

Colors you will need:
Dark Pink Nailpolish
Light Pink Nailpolish
White Nailpolish

You can substitute your first two colors if you wish!

Step 1:

Apply Dark Pink Base Coats over Nails


Step 2:

Paint Two Pink Triangles, you can help yourself by making an outline with a striper brush

Step 3:

Paint two parralel lines with a stripper brush

Step 4:

Add two more lines in the other directions

You can do this on all nails or just on your accent nail!

Nail Pattern by 1290Designs.

xoxo, Emmy

One thought on “Cross-Pattern Nails (Simple Criss Cross) Tutorial”

  1. Mazi - April 24, 2013 3:06 am

    cuteee!!! i love the the pinkness!!! :)
    idol lash


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