12 Julep Free Nail Polish Gift Set

FREE Julep 12 Nail Polish Gift Set
New Code at Julep! Julep is now offering a FREE 12 nail polish collection. The 12 piece collection is supposed to make up of Julep’s best selling nail polishes. To redeem, add the gift to cart and use code GIFTCOVET at checkout.

There is a catch though: to use promo code GIFTCOVET to get your free gift, you have to pay for your first month of Julep ($24.99, sorry for current subscribers). HOWEVER, they are giving discounts if you pay for more than 1 month. The new discounts could help you out if you are currently on the fence about whether you want a Julep monthly Beauty Box or not.

The current Julep Beauty Box discounts are:

Monthly $24.99/Month
3 Months $19.99/Month (20% off)
6 Months $16.66/Month (33% off)

And as always, you can cancel at any time and you can always skip a box if you don’t like the monthly selections (and you can also swap out items for other items as well). And if you are a current subscriber, and you find yourself constantly getting boxes, the 6 months option might be a good option for you to consider as you’ll save at least $20 in the long run (you can always use the gmail email trick: add periods to your email, and Julep will take it as a new email, and you will still be receiving email from Gmail just the same. For example: me@gmail.com and m.e@gmail.com is read the same for Gmail but treated as two different email addresses by Julep).

Please note that these 12 nail polishes are minis and are roughly half the size of a standard Julep Nail Polish. A standard Julep nail polish is about 8ml.

If you get this free nail polish gift set, please let us know what you think of the colors and the overall quality in the comments!

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