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How to: Katy Perry’s Nail Polish in Dark Horse

Katy Perry just premiered her latest video, Dark Horse! and along with the crazy beautiful makeup, she also had beautiful trendy nails to match. Here’s the 3 Nail Polish looks that Katy Perry uses in her Dark Horse video!

1. Outline Nails (or Border Nails)

What you will need:

  • Art Pen in Black

Tutorial/How To:

1. Apply your nail polish as a base coat and let dry.

2. Beginning at base of the nail bed (near the cuticle), begin to carefully trace with the nail art pen. Take your time with this step; it can be a little tricky.

3. Seal polish with a top coat and your outline nails are done!

2. Triangle Nailskatyperry-darkhorse1

What you will need:

  • Tape

Tutorial/How To:

1. Apply your nail polish (in Katy’s case, it was blue)

2. Tape where you want your triangle’s sides to be

3. Paint over the entire nail (in Katy’s case, it was gold), and remove tape.

3. Ankh Nailskatyperry-darkhorse2

What you will need:

  • Art Brushes, Stripper Brush, any firm brush

Tutorial/How To:

1. Apply your nail polish and let dry.

2. Paint your Ankh! Start by doing an oval in the top, and finish it with a cross (patience my friend).

Katy Perry most likely used pre-painted press on nails. The reason for this is that often music videos are shot in its entirety in one night-that can be up to 14-18 hours of straight shooting. As a result, it is much more convenient to have pre-painted press on nails which can be easily removed. You can tell that they are press on in the 2nd screenshot (stripped nails). You can do a similar look by buying blank press on nails to do your artwork. Press on nails can be purchased at any beauty salon store or online such as Amazon (you can always paint over french manicure press on nails, as long as you use a thick coat). However, the work can be easily done with a little time and patience on your own natural nails.

You can watch the video in its entirety here:




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