Miley Cyrus – BB Talk Video

Random post but…. Miley Cyrus’ latest video “BB Talk” came out:


Honestly, if Miley Cyrus was making more cutesy faces in BB Talk instead of her random disgruntled ones, I would say her main audience is Japan not America (The Japanese love this kind of stuff, or so I have been led to believe). The chorus is catchy, and I could relate to SOME of the spoken word (I don’t like to show PDA, and please no baby talk in front of your/my mother [though I’m one of the worst baby talkers in private]). But I guess living in America, I am always hesitant about a young woman in diapers (creepy baby fetish anyone?) At least the babydoll makeup is cute and worthy of a tutorial.¬† Miley Cyrus’ BB Talk Lyrics under the cut.


what do you all think? ūüėõ


xoxo, Emmy

Play! by Sephora Monthly Box; $10 Beauty Sample Subscription Service

Play! By Sephora Monthly Beauty Box

Play! by Sephora


Sephora is getting into the monthly beauty subscription box service game, going up against heavyweight Birchbox and Ipsy (and the million of other monthly subscription boxes that exist-hell even Walmart & Target has a Beauty Box too!). Anyhow, Sephora’s Monthly boxes are going to be called Play! by Sephora, and it will include 5 deluxe samples and each monthly box will cost $10.

Its not live everywhere just yet though. Boston, Columbus and Cincinnati are the first cities to have Play! by Sephora and they will get the first 10,000 boxes, set to be ship this September. Sephora plans to add additional cities throughout the U.S. in 2016. I’ll probably will have a review up once its NYC’s turn. I think Play! by Sephora is successful, it will probably be nationwide, but there are no firm dates on a nationwide release/distribution, just a promise of additional cities being added in 2016 (these additional cities have yet to be named at time of writing).

Like the all the other monthly boxes that exist, each monthly box will be centered around a particular theme. Remember those 10,000 boxes I mentioned earlier to be ship in September? Well, the September’s theme is “Uncover the Essentials” and the deluxe samples will be:

play by sephora september

from left to right like the image above:

  1. a Marc Jacobs Beauty Highlighter eyeliner in Blacquer (full size: $32)
  2. a Glamglow Supercleanse cleanser (full size: varies from $14 to $39)
  3. a Bumble and bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil (full size: $39
  4. a Sephora Collection Rouge Infusion lip gloss in Peony (full size: $14)
  5. an Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation Face Crème (full size: varies from $14 to $62)

A Spotify playlist will also be included. The website will probably be (to be launched after august 12th).

Each Play! box will include a “Play! Book” that includes beauty tricks and info on the products. You can also access additional content via the Sephora to Go app. The subscription will also include a “Play! Pass”, a pass for you to come into the Sephora stores and get a one-on-one tutorial of how to use the products (so that you can hopefully purchase the full size product). Store events where everyone who is a Play! member can come in for tutorials will be called Play! Dates. You will also receive free bonus fragrance samplers as well as possible in-store coupons as well.

You now got some good competition, Birchbox. I hope they will eventually include nail polish mini samples and that the samples are not too similar to the 100 and 500 points beauty insider rewards samples that VIBs get.

 Full Breakdown:

  • Official Name: Play! (or Play! by Sephora)
  • Official Website: (to be launched after august 12th).
  • Cost: $10
  • What you get: 5 deluxe products plus occasional random samplers like fragrance samplers
  • Ships: USA (Boston, Columbus, and Cincinnati first, more to come in 2016)
  • Extras included: Spotify playlists, one-on-one tutorials called Play! Pass, in-store events called Play! Dates



Picture by WWD & Sephora



xoxo, Emmy

Spring Clean Your Makeup Clutter with KonMari Method by Marie Kondo

I have been reading a book by Japanese author Marie Kondo titled The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing (or just KonMari for short). Yes, its a long book title but the book has been translated in various languages and have sold millions of copies across the world.

Spring Clean Your Makeup; Spring Clean Your Life


Marie Kondo has a cleaning method, based off her name, which she calls the KonMari Method. While the KonMari method asks you to first start with clothes, our makeup might be a little bit easier to get started since its the first thing we see in the morning and the last thing we might potentioally see when we reach for our makeup wipes right before we go to bed.

so are you ready for that question?

Here it is:

Pick up that old lipstick, that blush that has been sitting on the vanity counter for months, that foundation a tad shade too light or dark and ask yourself:

does it spark joy?

Makeup can be a very personalized ficke thing. For example, I coveted and really wanted Lime Crime Cashmere. The color is beautiful and I wanted to look as gorgeous as the girls on instagram, especially like that one Kardashian sister that constantly wears a very similar shade. Well, one day I decided to buy it, and guess what? I LOOK HORRIBLE IN IT. My skin tone is very similar to the color Cashmere (I’m tan) and my lips’ undertones brought on this washed up sickly look to my face. It looked horrible on me. So much that I didnt review it (haven’t you notice most bloggers look GORGEOUS in all their reviewed beauty product looks, you can bet a lot of them are self-conscious and wont show you the ones they look stinky in-which I bow to you to one day show to you-my sticky washed up sickly face :P) okay, here it is…


so it was time for the question: does Lime Crime Cashmere sparked joy to me? Holding it, I realize the answer is no.

Now what?

Now you don’t you have to throw it in the trash if you feel bad about spending money on something that you end up disliking. BUT you can sanitize, and maybe give it away to your sister or a close friend who doesn’t mind sharing used cosmetics (NEVER resell used cosmetics as new on eBay or Amazon-not only is it potentially icky, its not legal too). You can also swap it online (example: Reddit’s makeupexchange, Nail Polish? try¬†RedditLaqueristaSwap) I was still whithin my 30 days of returns period so I decided to return to Lime Crime (which was a minor headache but that’s a story for another day).

oh, and here is the pretty minimalist book cover in case you want to see it:

xoxo, Emmy

New Julep Maven Welcome Box: Free 4-Piece May Birthstone Welcome Box


Julep has introduced a new Julep Maven Welcome box that feature 3 nail polishes and 1 beauty item. You do have to pay $2.99 in shipping BUT if you prepay for 3 months of Julep Maven, the $2.99 shipping is waived making the box completely FREE (though $2.99 is not a bad deal and you can always cancel if you don’t like it). So don’t forget to use¬†code MAYBABY.¬†

xoxo, Emmy

Big VIB News Coming: 1,000, 2,000 & 10,000 Sephora Rewards

From a recent post on Sephora about VIB & Sephora Rewards:


Saving your points for the ultimate splurge? Go all-in for once-in-a-lifetime experiences you’ll have to see to believe. Exclusively available for Beauty Insiders.


Just to name a few…

  • For¬†1,000 Points,¬†go ink deep with bestselling products from Kat Von D‚Äôs edgy collection in a signed, limited-edition case.
  • For 2,000 Points,¬†dare to express yourself with the ultimate collection of Urban Decay Naked products, signed by brand founder Wende Zomnir.
  • For 10,000 Points,¬†embody the feminine vision of Stella McCartney with Stella fragrances plus her Falabella Shaggy Deer Foldover Tote Bag.


The limited-edition packages get better and better, so be sure to check your email or the Beauty Insider Rewards Boutique¬†in the next week¬†to make sure you don‚Äôt miss these offers. They won’t last long!


 Some thoughts:
  1. They only do this once or twice a year
  2. There are various rewards at usually 1k, 2k, 5k, and 10k
  3. You can’t get multiples of the same rewards but you can get several different rewards if you have the points.
  4. They all release at once
  5. They are extremely limited. Almost always less than 10. Sometimes only 1 or 2.
  6. They sell out in under an hour for the good ones. Some of them took a couple days last time because they were only good in certain cities.
  7. The stores usually have no idea what you’re talking about. You need to order online.


so close but you spend some points on something kinda meh? you know you can take the rewards back and get your points refunded! hopefully that get some of you girls closer to those ultimate rewards :)

xoxo, Emmy

Zoya Earth Day 2015 Nail Polish Exchange

Its that time again! Zoya Earth Day is here! Zoya has over 300 shades and each year Zoya gives you the opportunity to exchange any old nail polish bottles that you may have laying around your house collecting dust, or that are not BIG5FREE formulas, for brand new toxin-free* Zoya Nail Polish shades. Your unwanted polishes will be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.
How The Exchange Works

1. Visit and add a minimum of 6 bottles of polish (no more than 24 bottles) to your cart. Minimum 12, maximum 48 for professional accounts.
2. Apply Code: EARTHLUV and a 50% credit will be added to your exchange order – free shipping included!

Offer valid 4/21/15 – 4/28/15 (11:59pm EST)

3. Complete checkout and you’re all set! If you need further instructions on sending back your unwanted polish:


xoxo, Emmy

Khroma Beauty Nail Polish Swatch & Review

So while trying to organize my beautiful messes,¬† I found my sister’s bottle of Khroma Beauty Nail Polish in buff / le polissage 800.

Khroma Beauty Nail Polish in Buff Swatch

Khroma Beauty Nail Polish in Buff Swatch / My Instagram


I think I took a pretty good swatch for what I had to work with. Normally I do not bash products, usually if a product has been a staple in the market, it means it sells well. And often times, it sells well because the product has good merits. But I found no good merits with this nail polish. And its not because it was created by Kourtney, Khloe, and Kim Kardashian. First, lets start with the name. This nail polish line has been discountinued. If you find nail polishes made by the Kardashian sisters, they are now called Kardashian Beauty. This is because there is already ANOTHER similar makeup brand copyrighted and trademarked registered. The lawyers for Kim Kardashian should have checked that another makeup brand with a similar name already exist. Sucks. So Kroma Makeup founder Lee Tillett sued the Kardashians over the name Khroma Beauty almost two years ago, and Kourtney, Khloe & Kim paid an undisclosed amount to make the suit go away, and now we have Kardashian Beauty.

Khroma Beauty Nail Polish Review

I think the forced discontinuation was a blessing in disguise. The swatch took 3 heavy coats or 4-5 thin coats to produce. The Khroma Beauty nail polish was very milky, uneven, and started to chip like crazy within 24 hours. I was so disappointed that in 24 hours it started to chip, that I took my non-acetone polish remover and started to remove my mani, only to realize that not only does the nail polish chips, it also stains. I didn’t think it was possible to have heavy orange staining within 24 hours of wear. But I did, and I that made me kind of angry. I don’t like to write very negative reviews, but I can’t find anything great about a polish that takes forever to paint, chips like crazy, and stains your nails.

Maybe I got a bad bottle. Maybe its just buff and the other polishes in the Khroma Beauty/Kardashian Beauty Nail Polishes are really awesome. Maybe.

Too many maybes. Oh well.

Not gonna put links of where its available online because I don’t want you to waste your money and time.




xoxo, Emmy

Lime Crime Utopia Swatch & Review

Lime Crime Utopia

Lime Crime Utopia

So I decided to jump into the indie scene! I am really in love with lip creams, which are a cross of a matte lipstick and a lipgloss. They are liquid to a matte finish and the bottles are shaped like lipgloss. I decided to purchase Lime Crime Utopia from DollsKill  (You may also find Lime Crime at NastyGal and ModCloth)

Authentic Lime Crime Utopia

Authentic Lime Crime Utopia

At time of writing, Authentic Lime Crime Utopia have similar stickers on both product and product packaging.

Now to swatch!


xoxo, Emmy

The First Julep Mystery Box of 2015: I Woke Up Like This Mystery Box

Julep Mystery Box: I Woke Up like This Mystery Box

Julep has created its first Julep mystery box of the year! While you’re not guaranteed all the items on the image, you are guaranteed the nail polish (limited-edition Tanith (Classic with a Twist), a warm putty with gold microglitter) and $100 retail value.

In the image we see:

  • Julep Elixir Organic Moroccan Argan Oil
  • Tanith Nail Polish (limited Edition)
  • Julep Lipgloss (there are 4 colors available, we see Graceful which is a sheer pale pink)
  • Julep Plush Pout (lip crayon with a moisturizing core)

There are 4 different plush pout shades as well so you can get a variation of those as well. My guess is that box will also contain for certain individuals the Julep dry shampoo (its placed in lots of mystery beauty boxes), Sweep Eyeshadow Palette ‚Äď Neutrals (Julep’s natural eyeshadow palette), Bare Face Cleansing Oil (another staple in add-ons and mystery boxes), as well as the Rockstar handcream. We shall see if I am correct when the mystery box arrives.

Fine Print: Offer expires on 1/18/2015 at 11:59pm PT, or while supplies last. Not all products shown above will be included in all Mystery Box versions. Not all products shown will be in all Julep Mystery Box versions. Every I Woke Up Like This Mystery Box will include the new polish color Tanith (Classic with a Twist). Purchase of multiple I Woke Up Like This Mystery Boxes may result in polish or product overlap. Offer may not be combined with any other promotional offer or discount (e.g Maven 20% discount). No exchanges or returns are possible on Mystery Box, individual items, or add-ons. Estimated full retail value is at least $100.00 for all I Woke up like This Mystery Boxes. Taxes vary by location.


I will post images of the Julep mystery box deliveries as they arrive!


EDIT: Boxes are here!


Julep I Woke Up Like This Mystery Box

Julep I Woke Up Like This Mystery Box


 The cuticle softner and decals were paid extra add-ons, but she received the Night Shift Mask, Blank Canvas lip primer, plush pout Aurora, and three polishes: Aurora, Sheri, and Tanith (thanks Amanda!)

And she also provided a swatch of the new nail polish, Tanith:

Julep Tanith Swatch

Julep Tanith Swatch




xoxo, Emmy