Julep Maven September 2014 Monthly Boxes

You can now select your Julep Maven September 2014 box! If you do not know about the Julep Maven program, you get about 3 nail polishes or 1-2 nail polishes with beauty products for $24.99 (Mavens before May 1st are $19,99, but they can’t customize their boxes like in the Maven Luxe program).

here’s what available for the month of September!

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Urban Decay Might Officially Come to Amazon

Last year, you could purchase Naked 3 on Amazon. Then around Christmas time, Urban Decay put a gag-order on third marketplace sellers on Amazon. While Amazon never sold Urban Decay directly, the gag order meant that no Urban Decay product could be sold on Amazon in any way, shape, or form. Even legitimate sellers were caught in the crossfires as their accounts were permanently taken down by Urban Decay’s claims of “counterfeit products” (yes, there were bad apples in there, but I also a friend who lost her livelihoods and her products were genuine). Anyhow, on Fridays emails were sent by Urban Decay asking if certain select users would be willing to participate in a focus group:


I took the survey on Saturday, and half of the questions were based on how much you shop on Amazon, the other half is how much you shop overall on makeup. It looks like that depending on how the focus groups go on Monday August 18th and Tuesday August 19th, it may sway Urban Decay to officially sell on Amazon.com. If Urban Decay decides to sell on Amazon, it would not be the first major makeup brand to do so, both bliss and too faced have sold directly on the site. Sephora at one point was an official seller on Amazon and sold Urban Decay before it closed it seller profile a few short years ago (maybe 2-3 years ago?)

Counterfeit Urban Decay products were at one point pretty rampart on Amazon but I always thought it was easy to spot (i.e. do not buy from any seller that lives in China, if the price is too low, yep its too good to be true, check feedback even if its just 1 and if they have a single counterfeit claim, move along, etc). However maybe with the success of this focus group, this is will be another legit way of getting more Urban Decay :)




MAC’s A Novel Romance Collection Is Ridiculous

In a world where Fifty Shades of Grey is exhibit A whenever anyone wants to talk about sex-filled romance novels, it can be easy to forget about the ones that came before. You know — the bodice-ripping, Fabio-covered novels you’d find in the magazine section of your local drugstore, all with titles like The Ruthless Swashbuckler’s Virginal Mistress and Unbridled Temptation With the Farmhand’s Son. Yeah. Those ones.

But, to ensure that we never forget these early contributions to the literary community, MAC has used those very paperbacks as inspiration for its fall ’14 makeup collection. And, the brand totally did these books justice. The products range from vivid lipsticks to killer nail polishes to electric-hued liners, all with amazingly hilarious names. Care to try a shadow called “Sex & The Oyster” or a Lipglass called “Bared For You”? Can you feel the burning, over-the-top desire?

While the makeup is amazing (as expected), the true winner of this collection is the accompanying ad visuals. MAC went all out with this one, using a leggy blonde and a beefy dude (who looks strikingly similar to Khal Drogo — am I right?) to model some of the line’s cosmetics. Each photo is posed like those iconic covers, full of greased-up limbs and smoldering looks. It took us a full 15 minutes to stop gawking at the art and move on to the actual makeup.

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Free Victoria’s Secret Coupons

Did you get your free Victoria’s Secret coupons? There are some variations in the mailers sent for August 2014 (I listed them all below). My sister and I received the following coupons. So keep an eye out for the following mailers:

Victoria's Secret Coupon Mailers

Victoria’s Secret Coupon Mailers

Different Victoria's Secret Coupon Mailers Inside

Different Victoria’s Secret Coupon Mailers Inside

My mailer was:

  • Free Cotton Low-Rise Hiphugger
  • $10 off a Bra
  • Free Getaway Bag with $75 purchase


My sister had:

  • Free Cotton Undie
  • $15 off a Bra Over $30
  • Free Getaway Bag with $75 purchase


The other variations that exist (found all of these via Ebay):

  • $5 Everyday Perfect Panty (included with free cotton undie panty offer)
  • $10 off a purchase (replaces bra offer)
  • Free Flawless Hiphugger (replaces free cotton panty offer)
  • Free Raw Cut Panty (replaces free cotton panty offer)


Variations include if they are store-only or include a pin that can be used online. There are some PINK mailers out as well, the PINK coupons are:

  • Get a “Pink” No-Show Panty with any purchase.  Now – Sept. 1, 2014.  (Value of $9.50).
  • $10 off any $35 pink purchase.  Now- Sept. 1, 2014.
  • Get a Tote & Tumbler with any $65 pink purchase.  Valid August 8-12, 2014. Valued at $39.95.  While supplies last.  Excludes clearance.




Wedding Style Lace Tips Nails Tutorial

There’s just something about lace that makes it perfect for weddings. From veils and gowns to cake decorations and invitations, the delicate and elegant designs of lace go with just about every theme, location, and color scheme.

So why not show off a little lace on your nails?

wedding lace tips

Colors & Tools:

I used the sweet pastel Ramona (Classic with the Twist), the subtly glitzy Sienna (Classic with a Twist), and the Plié Wand and Creativity Kit (striping brush and dotting tool) to create this pretty little lace look.

Follow these steps to create your own gilded lace mani:

1. After applying your base coat, paint your nails with two coats of Ramona.

2. Once your base color is dry, dab a few drops of Sienna onto a piece of foil or a paper plate. Dip the striping brush into Sienna and carefully paint three semicircles to create a scalloped line about a third of the way down each nail.

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Christian Louboutin Beauté Rouge Louboutin Nail Polish Collection

Rouge Louboutin


Christian Louboutin will now include nail polish! The nail polish collection is having a soft launch this week at the NYC flagship of Saks Fifth Avenue and in all 15 U.S. Louboutin boutiques (See the display photo down below!). The first and only shade being released this month will be the Rouge Louboutin, which is the signature red on the soles of Louboutin’s heels. On August 6th 2014, the collection will be rolled out in the shoe departments of Nordstrom, Saks, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, as well as in select Sephoras.

Here’s the display at Saks 5th Avenue:

Rouge Louboutin

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Finally! Julep to ship via USPS, Drops DHL as Shipping Carrier

Julep finally got the message:

Pssst… we have a shipping update we know you’ll be excited about! Maven Boxes will no longer be shipped via DHL. PLUS, in order to help improve transit times, we’ll be shipping from a more central location in Ohio. Thanks so much for your patience over the past few months and (because we know you love your Maven Boxes as much as we do) we promise we’re doing everything we can to get them into your hands ASAP.
My Note: Unfortunately, this is just Maven Boxes and the regular stuff will still go through DHL. But its a start.

How to Get Sailor Moon’s Hair

Now that Sailor Moon Crystal is out, lets celebrate with this hair tutorial on how to get Sailor Moon’s Hair! In the Name of the Moon, I’ll Punish you!

How to do Sailor Moon's Hair Tutorial

Sailor Moon’s Hair Tutorial; Courtesy of Ageha Magazine (Japan)

For those who need details:

  1. split your hair in two and make 2 pony tails. Leave some hair out of your ponytail on both sides (back side of head). If you have bangs, better (can be done without bangs by just leaving a little hair out in the front)
  2. you know that hair that you didn’t use in the back? You’re going to make your odango or buns with that! Brush it with a comb until you can get a nice ball of hair. This is the hardest part but you can use pins as you wrap your hair around your ponytail into a ball. Secure it with a hair tie. You can cross your hair to secure your “buns” (the back photo shows what i mean)
  3. Optional but you can curl your hair with a curly iron for an extra bouncy look!


Its right to left (as opposed to western left to right); basically each 2 panels are my instructions above :)



If you missed the boat, watch it here: