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Khroma Beauty Nail Polish Swatch & Review

So while trying to organize my beautiful messes,  I found my sister’s bottle of Khroma Beauty Nail Polish in buff / le polissage 800.

Khroma Beauty Nail Polish in Buff Swatch
Khroma Beauty Nail Polish in Buff Swatch / My Instagram


I think I took a pretty good swatch for what I had to work with. Normally I do not bash products, usually if a product has been a staple in the market, it means it sells well. And often times, it sells well because the product has good merits. But I found no good merits with this nail polish. And its not because it was created by Kourtney, Khloe, and Kim Kardashian. First, lets start with the name. This nail polish line has been discountinued. If you find nail polishes made by the Kardashian sisters, they are now called Kardashian Beauty. This is because there is already ANOTHER similar makeup brand copyrighted and trademarked registered. The lawyers for Kim Kardashian should have checked that another makeup brand with a similar name already exist. Sucks. So Kroma Makeup founder Lee Tillett sued the Kardashians over the name Khroma Beauty almost two years ago, and Kourtney, Khloe & Kim paid an undisclosed amount to make the suit go away, and now we have Kardashian Beauty.

Khroma Beauty Nail Polish Review

I think the forced discontinuation was a blessing in disguise. The swatch took 3 heavy coats or 4-5 thin coats to produce. The Khroma Beauty nail polish was very milky, uneven, and started to chip like crazy within 24 hours. I was so disappointed that in 24 hours it started to chip, that I took my non-acetone polish remover and started to remove my mani, only to realize that not only does the nail polish chips, it also stains. I didn’t think it was possible to have heavy orange staining within 24 hours of wear. But I did, and I that made me kind of angry. I don’t like to write very negative reviews, but I can’t find anything great about a polish that takes forever to paint, chips like crazy, and stains your nails.

Maybe I got a bad bottle. Maybe its just buff and the other polishes in the Khroma Beauty/Kardashian Beauty Nail Polishes are really awesome. Maybe.

Too many maybes. Oh well.

Not gonna put links of where its available online because I don’t want you to waste your money and time.




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